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Extensive experience designing computer graphics for the entertainment industry. Fluency in several 3D modeling and animation systems including Maya and 3D Studio Max. Complete 3D modeling skillset including texture painting and UV mapping as well as normal mapping and light map generation for real-time and pre-rendered graphics. Experienced animator including character and rig design, particle effects and rigid body dynamics as well as cloth simulation. Demonstrated MEL scripting experience and a passion for creating immersive experiences using the latest techniques with a proven record of successful product launches.


Specialties: Maya, After Effects, Photoshop, Camera Tracking, Matchmoving, Character Rigs, Motion Capture Editing, Animation, Modelling, Texture Painting, UV Mapping, Normal Mapping, Lighting, Cloth Simulation, Particle Animation, Dynamics, Natural Motion, Motion Builder , Shake, Flash, Mel/Python Scripting, surfing, sailing, diving and playing guitar. 3D printing


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